Thursday, 14 February 2008

No message... just sound

Close your eyes.... nuff said

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Where did you goto today

I love exploring in this land we occupy, one minute you could be watching the devil fight my stay puft ( yeah really ) or you can be on a jetski just zooming around ...

Now something to bear in mind with jetskis, they go fast and when you cross regions strange things can happen, for instance

You can lose your hair or clothes and leave them on the other region. You can go underwater for a while or worse... get stuck. So bear this in mind people... Jetski all you want but be careful out there

Monday, 14 January 2008

I wonder if i attract them and other rants

Well whats been happening, for starters I went out yesterday up London to do some night photography after being nudged by a friend here... So glad I took there advice and I braved the cold. However what a weird time. On the train up there was a family from Hell ( oh do I sound snobby ) who had a dog that farted so bad I almost choked, a small child who kept screaming to be put UP on the luggage compartment, a mother who knew more swearwords than a sailor and the whole of them didnt understand you dont have to shout when the person is next to you. Then a person near me was listening to a swarm of bees on his headphones at full concert volume. I realised this is my version of hell being stuck on a train like this

However once up London I grabbed a bite and ate and walked to my destination, although its hard to drink, eat and carry all that kit so I ended up with very cold hands and cold food. I then setup and took various shots ( now available in my gallery in SL to view or buy, hint over ) and went down a side alley to get a shot of London Bridge and took photos, and noticed a kissing couple in the corner thinking im some photo pervert. Moved on further for more shots and then carried on towards City Hall, now this is a lovely weird shaped building and got some cool shots of it. Met a group of teens who wanted there photo taken and during this a security guard came up and told me I couldnt use that here... Now I wasnt sure what he meant and checked I wasnt unzipped and showing MR Happy. I looked down... no all fine there. and then noticed he was pointing to my tripod. Now the walkway was massive and I was ina corner out the way. I kind of got on my high horse and said.. so everyone else with a camera is allowed and JUST becuause I have this tripod your moving me on. I muttered a few things about human rights and how they would never take me alive. I then looked up to see he had walked away... hmmmmm

SO all in all a good night and after that was uneventful apart from lack of toilets in london....

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

You know your addicted when.....

How many other people spent today waiting for the grid to come back online and looking going.... oh its about 7 more minutes left, should i go do something else or just sit and stare at the countdown till I can get back in.

Just me?

Is it me?

Wow do you ever get onto SL and find yourself looking at who on your friends list is online then straight away 3 people go offline.... Does it make you feel they see you come on and they run away.

/me sniffs myself

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Do aliens practice safe sex?

Well I was out walking today and stumbled upon this scene.. it made me wonder. Do aliens practice safe sex? Imagine the scene, your a horny little alien and mrs alien doesn't have a headache, do you reach for the little cape of life or do you just dive in? What if said rubber doesnt fit or you cant read english and arent sure how to wear it.

This and other strange ( or just plain weird ) news brought to you by DEC